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09-Jun-2020 13:06

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I feel compelled to write this article from a women’s point of view to give you chaps some tips. Use examples, if you say your adventurous back it up with an example.

Avoid negativity, bitterness and talking about ex-partners. I am shocked by the number of guys who put themselves down in their profile.

Yet, I really didn't like it that the book mainly focused on what NOT to do.

I want to read an internet dating book that mainly focuses on what to do, and isn't so negative.

This book really 'decodes' Internet dating AND it's a pleasure to read. I'd really like to read Roman writing about other topics as well! This book is good for people with virtually no Internet experience.

It is also good for anyone who doesn't always use the best common sense - and I'll grant that there are a lot of those folks on the Internet.

Along with usefull information such as the amusing use of the "" web site, Roman Griffen shows he has a knack for interjecting humor into what could be an uncomfortable situation.

What I like most about this book is Roman Griffen fit more than enough information in this paperback for anyone to get started as soon as you finish it. I've read a lot of books, and I have written many reviews, but never before have I enjoyed a book on dating as much as this one.

The Author's personal experiences and research make this a must read for anyone like Myself.

It’s important for you to love yourself before someone else can love you.

Some guys angrily rant about bad dating experiences or ex-partners.

For example this would be a foolish thing to write, “I’m now ready to start dating again, despite that fact that my bitch ex-wife shagged my best friend and then fleeced me in the divorce.” Bad grammar is also a big turn off.

Your Photo Always put a photo on your profile, even if you believe you are ugly. I only look at profiles with pictures and most women are the same.

If there's a man in a lady's primary picture how do I know that she's not keeping him on the side?

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