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You only press number (662) 7112126, after that will have a women voice to say something to you (In Thai language) yes, it is answering machine sound. Benchol , This is the true story of my family, and the war in my country Sierra-Leone, which I believe you must have watched in the media since last year, that had attracted world attention and lost of Lives.

After it family talking, Can you press the room number 317 it will link the telephone line to my room. Do you know every time when you call to me, Big Boos of my room, for that thing. My Senior brother, was the Director-General in Charge of the Diamond Exportation Business in Sierra-Leone, and as a result of the political war and the Rebels taking over the Government by force, where my brother and other senior government officials were taking hostage for long time and later killed by the rebels, for not complying with their order. Our, whole family was declared as among the arch-enemy of the rebels controlling power presently, and our family house in the capital Free-Town was set on fire by the rebels, because my Killed Senior brother acquired huge fortune from the nation business of Diamond, through some of his personal contacts during his time in the office.

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