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A number of countries have been statistically analyzed to calculate the prevalence of this phenomenon: There are a number of presentations that can be related to domestic violence during pregnancy: delay in seeking care for injuries; late booking, non-attenders at appointments, self-discharge; frequent attendance, vague problems; aggressive or over-solicitous partner; burns, pain, tenderness, injuries; vaginal tears, bleeding, STDs; and miscarriage.Domestic violence against a pregnant woman can also affect the fetus and can have lingering effects on the child after birth.

By contrast, some researchers commonly assume that lesbian couples experience domestic violence at the same rate as heterosexual couples, and have been more cautious when reporting domestic violence among gay male couples.Half of these involved one-sided ("non-reciprocal") attacks and half involved both assaults and counter assaults ("reciprocal violence").Women reported committing one-sided attacks more than twice as often as men (70% versus 29%).In all cases of intimate partner violence, women were more likely to be injured than men, but 25% of men in relationships with two-sided violence reported injury compared to 20% of women reporting injury in relationships with one-sided violence.

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Women were more likely to be injured in non-reciprocal violence.Some studies—typically crime studies—show that men are substantially more likely than women to use violence.