Initially intimidating

08-Jan-2020 14:23

Randy delivers these lines in Chapter 7 when he tells Ponyboy that he will not be fighting in the rumble.

His words speak to an important idea in the novel—the futility of the recurring Soc-greaser violence.

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This moment of concord comes early in the narrative, and its idealistic tone makes the rifts and violence to come all the more painful.

The quotation also recalls the period of time during which the boys’ friendship blossoms and solidifies—the idyllic interlude at the church.

Having grown up in a wealthy and comfortable environment, it would not be difficult for him to imagine himself forever stuck in this lifestyle.

A greaser, on the other hand, might have different ideas about social mobility.

Johnny, on the other hand, though quieter and more timid than Ponyboy, finds it in himself to admire Dally and to look past his intimidating exterior.

Dally does not scare him but rather fascinates him, and he holds a romanticized vision of Dally as an honorable Southern gentleman.

By the end of the novel, the boys apply this idea to youthful innocence, believing that they cannot remain forever unsullied by the harsh realities of life.

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