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11-May-2020 03:19

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Marriage is a complicated institution, and if the two have reached a mutual understanding about their extramarital activities, –style, that is just fine.

And yet, Abedin’s on-again, off-again relationship with her cad of a husband mirrors a common dynamic that’s deeply embedded in the dating world. We saw it with Jennifer Aniston and literally everyone she has ever dated. Call it Albatross Syndrome, if you must: a condition where a woman is manacled to a man to whom she is far superior.

Back in May, the reported that Abedin renewed the lease on their duplex and invited Weiner to move back home, and the two also stepped out with their son, Jordan, earlier this month, according to TMZ.

All the while, he currently faces a lengthy prison sentence for sexting a North Carolina teenager.

She believes that the media is a big influence to this generation's modern lifestyle.

In most respects, Huma Abedin has everything that a 21st-century woman could want: a sterling career as one of the most powerful political operatives in the country, a gorgeous child, glossy hair, cheekbones that could cut through glass, and a rumored BFF-ship with Anna Wintour, who she was seen stepping out with last month.

Maybe you just want a happy ending for you and your own albatross. We will never know what’s going on in Abedin and Weiner’s marriage (though of course, that will never stop us from speculating to that effect).

Still, if she does, in fact, invite him back into their home—or even if he still has a modicum of a presence in her family’s domestic life—that does speak volumes about how we still view women’s roles in relation to the men in their lives, how even someone who is BFFs with Anna Wintour and Hillary Clinton (the patron saint of DGAF women who are weighed down by bad men) still thinks that to a degree, her family is not complete without a man in it.

#Hillary For Prison2016 K5s MF— Lincoln's View (@The Honorable Abe) October 31, 2016It is said that this new development has led many to question the tight-knit relationship of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.It is so entrenched in the story we tell ourselves of contemporary love that Abedin and Weiner are even listed in a , about that…)So often, we see couples like Abedin and Weiner replicated in IRL scenarios—the sister who’s paying off her unemployed computer programmer husband’s mortgage, the best friend who hooks up with a string of finance doofuses whose Google history reveals multiple searches for “why is my lip skin dry” on their i Phones, the coworker who keeps sending nudes to that guy you work with who’s already gotten the interns to send him nudes as well.

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