House needs updating

16-Jul-2020 16:19

With the ceilings out and a few floor boards it will help with re-plumbing the heating system and the re-wiring. I recently read somewhere and, typically can't remember where, that it can harbour Viruses. When I went to my GP one of the first questions asked was to as I been on holiday abroad. I even got sent to a specialist unit for Tropical Diseases for a Blood Test.

DWDAgreed, in part, but the OP has only given us the '20 year history' not the build date. I can remember back in the 60's, when the price of copper went 'sky high', that there was a 'fashion' for fitting galvanized steel piping which was fine until, a cut was required, which broke the galvanizing, and allowed corrosion to form on the cut ends. Back in the very late 70's, I fetched down a bedroom Lathe & Plaster ceiling and, within a few days, I was 'on my back'. It passed after a couple of weeks but, there were shorter re-occurrences over the next couple of years.

The boiler isn't a combi and in the long run I guess replacing this will be worth it.

Indeed there are very few sockets and the switches are thing ugly things that are built into the inside of the door frame!

What I am wondering is what is the best way to carry out the following tasks... The 1960's, and that to date, there has been no recorded .

Take out some floorboards so you can kick them down from above so you do not get showered in ceilings), bathroom and kitchen install, second fix the plumbing and electrics, give it all a coat of paint, wood floors you might want to do before painting, carpets after.If I was going to rob a bank, I'd do that first, and then pay someone to do the work. What is wrong/faulty with the existing sockets and switches?If there are other issues, then by plasterboarding them you are only adding additional weight to a structure that was not designed to support such. Sorry if it sounds as a bit of a 'downer' but I've got this feeling that your Dreams are going to greatly exceed you Budget. On the other hand, when you do get started, come back and get some experienced advice. So recently I brought my first house which an old women used to live in.

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