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Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere last year visited all three Maghreb countries to urge better cooperation on repatriations.

The question had already became a hot-button issue after New Year's Eve 2015-16, when mobs of North African men sexually assaulted and robbed hundreds of women in the western city of Cologne, sparking public outrage.

) is a colorful egg and vegetable dish that is quite popular in many northern African and Middle Eastern countries.

The dish originated from Tunisia, a small-ish country on the northern African coast, bordered by Algeria and Libya.

While most refugees from war-torn Syria have qualified for temporary safe haven, applicants from Tunisia as well as Algeria and Morocco generally have not, because their countries are considered stable.

Last year the success rates for asylum requests was 3.5 percent for Moroccans, 2.7 percent for Algerians and just 0.8 percent for Tunisians.

"Anis Amri was no terrorist when he left Tunisia in 2011, there were no signs that he had been radicalised.

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Merkel voiced support for a proposal for Tunisia to set up "holding facilities" for refugees rescued from the Mediterranean - an idea first proposed by Germany's centre-left Social Democrats.Tunisia's prime minister on Tuesday rejected German claims that his country has been blocking the return of rejected asylum seekers including the key suspect in the Berlin attack, hours ahead of talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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