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27-Dec-2019 17:21

Do you know we created 2 accounts and got 2 exact emails sent from the same girl? For more than 3 weeks we did not receive any other emails from any girl. No matter how many times you send emails, you will get nada in return.

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Take a look at how many people are online at in the morning, I do not believe that many people are on line that early in any given city.

IMO, definately a scam, f*ck paying money for the sh!

t i joined on horny and same as others got loads of mail and winks from near to me then when i joined up paid for a year,it all dried up.total total total scam scam scam,now i cant even find the site to cancel and try and get some of my money back,i dont know who to contact to help me.

Unable to respond because I hadn't 'gone gold', I said in my ad that those who contacted me but did not provide details on how to get in touch *outside* of HM would be ignored. Of course premium members are free to exchange their contact information with both standard and other premium members.

But we always recommend you interact first through our website before contacting someone by email or giving out your own contact information." Of course, *ASKING* for such details DOES NOT expose me to spammers or scammers any more than paying their outrageous fees would, so clearly they're lying to cover up the fact that the use fake profiles to dupe people into signing up. 8 months later after you, I had the exact same experience. I know some peole who have had some success with it. If you read the fine print it usually says people may or may not be actual members! IM SO STUPID THAT I ACTUALLY BELIEVED ALL THE GIRLS EMAILING ME WANTED TO HOOK UP WITH ME.

People within 20 miles of me in my age group, compatible astrology, you name it! I had pictures of 20 something women, pornographic, asking me if i can handle this??? I constantly get emails from super hot 20 somethings and I am late forties. THEY WERE SENDING SEXUAL ADVANCES ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT, BUT ONCE I JOINED EVERYTHING STOPPED.