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The player takes on the role of an admiral The player progresses through the game by advancing through maps, gaining experience points through grinding, obtaining new fleet girls whilst repairing and resupplying existing ones, and fulfilling quests to obtain resources.

New equipment can be crafted, allowing the fleet girls to equip different armaments depending on the situation.

A Play Station Vita game was released in February 2016, The gameplay is centred upon building squadrons composed of individual characters represented as cards with different attributes, and then sending said squadrons out on missions.

Each of the characters are moe anthropomorphisms of World War II naval warships which are depicted as cute girls, known as "Fleet girls" These personified warships are based on real-life vessels which are explained in detail within the game; the physical characteristics, appearances and personalities of each of the girls correlate in some way to the real-life vessel (for example, ships with a larger displacement tonnage are usually depicted as girls on their late teens to early twenties, while smaller ships look and behave like pubescent girls, with a few exceptions).

Acquisition of new kanmusu by the player can occur via drops on map or via crafting, and is heavily RNG-based; randomisation is also a key component of the battle mechanism, map progression and equipment development.

Construction, resupply and repair of ships is reliant upon four types of resources, namely fuel, ammunition, steel and bauxite; these supplies will gradually increase automatically as time passes.

Laffey was laid down on 13 January 1941 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company, San Francisco, California; launched 30 October 1941; sponsored by Miss Eleanor G. After shakedown off the west coast, Laffey headed for the war zone via Pearl Harbor, arriving at Efate on 28 August 1942.

About an hour later, sailors ran to their battle stations, steel doors clanged shut, and all made ready for battle.Laffey saw her first fleet action in the Battle of Cape Esperance (also known as the Second Battle of Savo Island) on 11 and 12 October 1942.The destroyer operated with Admiral Norman Scott's cruiser group, guarding against enemy attempts to reinforce Guadalcanal.The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was just about to begin when the Japanese force, a group of two battleships, one light cruiser and 14 destroyers, under Vice Admiral Hiroaki Abe, appeared on the horizon.

Laffey lashed out at the enemy with gunfire and torpedoes.At the height of the violent battle, the battleship Hiei came through the darkness and both ships headed at full speed for the same spot.