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I generally start off a little slow, but it usually only takes me like three minutes to come so sometimes I go three times in a row really fast.

I've never enjoyed penetration so this is all I need."—24/F/Asexual "Mostly 'traditional' masturbation for a man. The main area of focus is jacking my dick, but I use my other hand to play with my nipples and my balls. When I have the time, I love running my free hand over the hair on my chest and abdomen while I touch myself.

Then once I can't take it anymore, I'll start using a dildo or vibrator or my fingers (or a mix of the three).

Usually slow and steady at first, then sped up to go along with what I'm reading or watching."—25/F/Straight "I have a plethora of toys.

There are even tallies in some stalls for fellow anonymous masturbators to keep track of how often we cum there."—23/M/Straight "I usually masturbate while watching porn, and occasionally while reading some good femslash fan fiction.

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I am gay and like women and enjoy watching lesbian porn, but for some reason straight porn, especially blow jobs, is what really gets me off.

To put me over the edge, I typically think of one of my partners doing something they enjoy (like anal, or being tied up, or double-penetrated).