Glorifying god through dating what is relative dating good for

13-Dec-2019 19:52

Pray that He brings you stillness in your singleness.

Pray that He brings you only what He has for you, and pray mightily against the plans of the enemy to distract and destroy you. Pray out of a heart that seeks to only glorify the Father.

We aim to support and equip parents as they, by God’s grace, train their children’s hearts toward maturity in Jesus Christ.

Through each facet of our ministry, we seek to point students to Jesus and an ever-increasing delight and maturity in him.

Pray that God fully reigns, every day, in your life. It will always be that way because God connected us to Him, first.Life is full of stories, many good, some bad, but everything that happens to someone is comprised of one single truth – how it connects with and glorifies God.Believing is already knowing that the Father will come through to His promises; however, it doesn’t mean we get to sit on the sidelines and wait for it. Praying is a way of glorifying, edifying and nourishing your oneness with the Father. It also shows God how committed you are to Him before you commit yourself to a partner on earth.The one you’re praying for may not be God’s best for you.

Accept that it just may not be God’s will for you to have a spouse right now or ever.On several Sundays each month, we see a video recording of the sermon, while the preaching pastor is live at another campus. After the service, you will have an opportunity to pray with a pastor or prayer team member.

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