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11 Bright sunlight filtered through the ever-present Mumbai dust. Jamal and Salim stop to give him a taunting, hip-gyrating parody of the dance on the tv before scooting down another tunnel.

The seven-year old Jamal stares up at the ball, jinks around trying to get into position. 11 CONTINUED: 11 He pays no heed to the rest of the children who are scattering fast to the edges of the tarmac. Jamal is knocked to his feet by the down-draft of the plane. The irate Security Guard gets tangled up in a bicycle. Jamal skids to a halt, bumping into Salim who is already frozen.

PREM (CONT'D) And what does an Assistant Phone- basher do, exactly?

PREM (CONT'D) So, ladies and gentlemen, Jamal Malik from Mumbai, let's play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire...!

Hundreds and hundreds of notes, worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

In the half-light, shadowy figures move with purpose. TALKBACK V/O Ten to white-out, nine, eight, seven...

INSPECTOR Ar wa, Srinivas, we'll have Amnesty International in here next, peeing their pants about human rights. Constable Srinivas goes over to Jamal and starts to undo the crocodile clips.

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Salim, a nine-year old, polishes the ball on his almost non-existent shorts, comes in with surprising speed and bowls. Out of nowhere, a hand slaps him ferociously across the face.