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Sansa and Arya are just sisters bickering over nonsense, still shielded from the horrors that respectively await them.

And Cersei is a golden queen, on top of the world (and her brother), unburdened by the loss of her children, not to mention all the blood and shit of King's Landing sticking to her bare legs. Part of her job involved developing the looks for characters we've come to know and love.

We've seen a lot of crazy shit on this show in the last six seasons.

There's been multiple beheadings, torture, eye-gouging, pregnant-belly stabbing, face-peeling, penis warts, death-by-hound and flaying.

How does Khal Drogo retain that permanent sheen of (sexy) sweat?

All of these things require a special something to make them look real — and it's a makeup artist's job to deliver the goods.

Take the scenes in which Daenerys is pulling a Moses, and wandering through the desert with what remains of her khalasar.Varys threatens her, saying he can't guarantee her safety if she returns to Westeros.And then, she comes back with this: "I have to die in this strange country. Cersei is pleased, and grants him control of the oceans on her behalf.With a whole new season to look forward to, I asked Lackersteen about the ins and outs of drenching actors in fake blood, sweat, snot, and yes, everything you ever wanted to know about fake semen.

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I have to say this: Jon and Daenerys are both deeply boring people, so their conversation is nothing worth writing home about (although, bow down to Davos Seaworth, king of deadpan comedy). First off, Jon will not bend the knee, despite what Torrhen Stark promised to Aeogon Targaryen hundreds of years before.Show off your card game skills playing live sexy strip games on Cam Contacts.