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11-Jan-2020 15:47

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I don't know how they can ever get a girl to like them with their beta views. They aren't fit to reproduce and have children the way they are. I think that, oftentimes, women love, or fall in love, with their ears, contrary to men, who love with their eyes.

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I used to live in, and around the suburbs of, a major U. Not just anywhere, but a white town away from the big cities. In brief, life is offensively short even as it is and even if we needn't sleep in order to stay operational. Women in the country are more down to earth with better personalities & few are looking for black guys.If one wants to make something out of one's life, one has to plan for it. Meaning that, more often than not, we must make the conscious choice of delaying an immediate libido or Ego gratification which delay would allow us to harvest maximum benefits in the form of social or economic capital down the road. They want a guy who has a job & can provide for them.I know someone, who married a negro and had a child with him.

Since divorced; anyway, long story short -- has major issue with all the white guys going with Asian women.

If you want to be angry just be angry but don't purposely misconstrue stuff I say and act like you dont know you're doing it.