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Her next film, Yelling to the Sky, was a Sundance Lab project directed by Victoria Mahoney and starring Zoe Kravitz, in which she played Latonya Williams, a bully. episode "Stanny Tendergrass" early in 2013 and also stars in the music video for "Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)" by indie pop band Foster the People.

character in "Hot Water", the season 7 premiere of American Dad! Sidibe also appeared in the Showtime network series entitled The Big C as Andrea Jackson.

After listening to clips of Sidibe is nothing if not a comedian herself, something that also came through over our phone conversation. And my friend was like, ‘You could write this but not publish it. So how I would start the story would usually come in the oddest of places... And even when you tell the truth, it’s through a filter of yourself. And I hope it doesn’t hurt you or upset your truth. No.’ is just a numbers game and I can’t fucking play it anymore. It’s not even a smelationship [Yes, she made that word up]. It’s hard."I looked up one day and I realized that everyone I hang out with is either a woman of color or a gay man. And then I did that and I realized that I don’t want any new friends.

We laughed together as she spilled the tea on revealing personal information about the people closest to her, what it was like voicing her story aloud, and how much dating sucks. You don't really have to.’ I just kind of started writing in this funnel of just getting my feelings out and working through some things. You must be so brave to say what you said.’ And I’m like — oh crap. Because I kind of wrote without expecting that people would read it.”So where did you write? My truth isn’t any less true than yours."My biggest concern is always mostly my family, because your family is such a huge impact on who you are and who you are not, especially your parents. “Definitely the audiobook because I feel like you need to know who I am in order to read the book. I mean, I could never play it and it’s worse because I’m recognizable now. What they want is a pilot relit and they flirt with me to get it.

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So that was my biggest concern."Do you come from a family that believes in not “airing your dirty laundry”? And if it’s too much you can pull back.’ And I pulled back a bit. As such, I’m one of the few people who has remained staunchly against e-books or audio recordings of my favorite stories. Until I talked to Gabourey Sidibe about the audiobook version of her new memoir, When I spoke to her on the phone about this new project, we were on the same page about physical books being amazing. When it comes to celebrities and performers — people whose voices and oratory abilities you're already familiar with — an audiobook is worth the experience. And the three-year anniversary of that speech was on May 1, the day my book dropped."I don’t know if that’s long time or a short time. So I would just kind of dick around on the internet for a few days and then I’d get into a shower or something. The biggest risk is hurting someone else’s feelings, which I never want to do. But people who want to be my friend will flirt with me because they think that’s the answer and no, you’re setting me up.

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