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22-Dec-2019 03:45

She loosely wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, smiling as she felt his girth in her fingers.

“Mmm,” she groaned, feeling his cock pulse with his heart beat.

They got together a little less frequently since Laura started college four years ago, but the whole family still gathered at least a couple times a year. Laura unbuckled and used his shoulders to balance herself as she moved over the center console to straddle her cousin.

Although Steven was four years younger than Laura, they had always been close. He smiled at her as she took his face in her hands and gently slipped her tongue in between his lips.

Laura smiled as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying the pleasure treatment her cousin was giving her.

Yes, she thought, the college girls were going to love him.

Steven walked across the patio, past the pool, past the group of adults laughing hilariously, past the old banker with a bottle of wine in each hand, filling the glasses of everyone he passed. Looking around, Steven figured he was the youngest person there. A guy with your looks won’t have any problem hooking up with as many girls as you want.” Steven was taken aback by his cousin’s compliment. That’s why I always looked for nice, funny, handsome guys.

His brother was also there with his girlfriend, who were both 21 and in college together. He’d never really thought of himself as good-looking. Like you.” Steven felt himself begin to harden slightly. You should look for pretty, smart girls with nice, fuckable bodies who like to have fun with guys like you.

He spotted his brother across the patio and excused himself from his conversation with the group of old guys who were giving him golf tips. His aunt was turning 50 this weekend and her friends had thrown her a party at one of their houses. “You’re going to meet so many new and interesting people, and you’ll be new and interesting to everyone, too! Believe me, all the pretty little college girls will want to fuck my stud little cousin,” she said, making them both laugh. “Girls want no strings attached sex as much as guys do. But we also don’t want people to think we’re sluts, so we have to be more careful than guys about who we sleep with.Though Steven mainly floated around the party with them, chatting and catching up, he was frequently pulled aside by some older folks who wanted to chat and joke with him and give him advice. Take it from me – go to all the parties you can, meet all the people you can. Laura traced her fingernails up and down his smooth chest as she enjoyed his playful tongue mixing with hers. Her face was flushed, overcome with lust for her cousin.More than one would slip him a beer, probably thinking they were the only one to do so. It’s amazing.” Steven smiled, looking forward to the fall. Her hips began to work back and forth, lightly rubbing herself on his crotch. He couldn’t believe he was here, watching the lust and pleasure on his cousin’s face as his finger was buried deep in her tight pussy.And his cousin, Laura – his aunt’s daughter – was also there. Girls, for instance, like me.” Laura let her hand drift over the fly of his pants, gently rubbing her palm over the hardening bulge in his pants.

She was 23 and had just graduated from the college that Steven would be attending come September. About parties and drinking and where your limits are.” Laura grinned. Steven glanced at her while driving down the back roads. Steven sighed at the touch of his cousin’s hand, and grinned as his heart rate increased.

He grinned at her before placing his free hand to her bare back and pulling her chest to his mouth.

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