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19-Jul-2020 00:21

Sincerely, Duana The author wishes to thank Nancy Kalish, Ph. for her generous contributions during the update of this article.If this article surprised, alarmed or otherwise intrigued, others might enjoy it too.Social networking sites make it simple to follow an idle curiosity about how so-and-so is doing, and Facebook is invaluable for reconnecting.But it would appear that there are wise limits for friending.Especially in the Internet Age, where finding one another can and does happen on a whim, people report reconnections that are innocent in their intent—just to see how the other is doing and share some memories.They often feel shielded from impropriety by happy existing marriages, their age (50, on average), and/or their spouse’s endorsement of the reconnection.No matter: At that point, it ceases to be innocent.States Kalish, “The Lost Lovers—happily married to others and up to that point entirely faithful to their spouses—had no idea that when they met for a simple lunch together sparks would rekindle the fire.”cheating women (in this study and others) are very likely to be dumped by enraged husbands; and cheating men usually “get” to stay married to a wife who remains “very angry, resentful and suspicious” over a long haul that probably feels eternal.

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It’s private, and seems safe.”Indeed, most of the affairs start—not when the former lovers are miserable—but when their lives are going well.

Emotional aftermath includes fractured, confused lives…lives that were rolling along just fine until an innocent email derailed their stability.

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