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17-Mar-2020 10:01

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At first I dismissed them as kooks, but as the calls continued I realised it was a way to leave my day job.’Mc Mullen set up Real Doll, which has become one of America’s leading sex doll manufacturers, selling 400 to 500 each year.

They cost about £3,000 for a ‘basic’ model, up to £40,000 for a custom-made creation.

Harmony has 30 different faces to choose from, 16 body types, customisable breasts from AA to triple F, 19 different nipple types from ‘perky’ to ‘puffy’, and 11 different types of genitalia.

The robot has 18 different personality types from happy to sensual, shy to talkative.

Harmony works via an app on a smartphone or tablet which allows users to ‘build’ her personality.

She will ‘remember’ your family members’ names, your favourite colour, food, book or movie.

Harmony is the first.’This newspaper has found multiple examples of sex robots already in existence but no evidence of any that have actually been sold to the public.

Spanish inventor Sergi Santos recently complained that his sexbot Samantha was molested by curious onlookers when he took her on to the streets.

The reason I’ve focused on the head first is that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman is, a man will always look at her face the most. There are already far more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) robots in existence, including one Audrey Hepburn lookalike called Sophia, developed by former Disney sculptor Dr David Hanson.

She tells jokes and is programmed to greet her owner with soothing phrases such as ‘Welcome home darling, how was your day?

’But her silicone body remains inanimate, something Mc Mullen hopes to improve on by eventually introducing robotic arms, hands and heat sensors.

That’s where we come in.’Touring Mc Mullen’s Real Doll business is a surreal experience.

Headless silicone mannequins hang on meat hooks in the main factory workspace.Sales manager Annette Blair, 45, says the company has had ‘odd’ requests including for an life-sized ‘elf’ doll but they would never make a childlike doll.

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