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Tutoring was going well, referrals were increasing, and while the RDM would insist that we were already working with too many students, the monkey would accept every new job that came our way.

Soon, the monkey started thinking bigger, and without running it by the rest of us, he began hiring my friends to tutor for me.

I decided to dive in, and building off of what I had started, we founded a new tutoring company together.

While college was often a disheartening experience for my RDM, it was a full renaissance for my Instant Gratification Monkey, who explored a wide range of activities in an effort to find himself.___________ Back in high school, if you had asked me if I was a procrastinator, I would have said yes.High school students are given all these lectures about “pacing yourself” on longer projects, and I proudly paced myself less than almost anyone I knew.There was definitely an Instant Gratification Monkey1 in my head, but he was cute more than anything.

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With deadlines looming constantly, my Panic Monster2 was never fully asleep, and the monkey knew that while he could have some time at the wheel each day, he wasn’t the one in charge.

After he moved, we started talking about maybe going into business together somehow.

Must of been one of the scammers I had a previous fun time with online the day before. Omg he texts me at midnight last night said he was captured and bleeding and held hostage and he needs my help. Hi Unsure in texas, I too have come across guys that are asking for I-Tune gift cards. I am now texting with a guy who just this last weekend was relocated to an oil rig in the same place.… continue reading »

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Cost and Effectiveness of Accommodations in the Workplace: Preliminary Results of a Nationwide Study The economic implications of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have been the subject of debate during the past decade.… continue reading »

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