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But the Girls from Room 506 go straight to the front of the line. "Spring for dinner in the main dining room," Brenda says.DJ SS—an enormously fat and jolly man whom they got to be friends with by working the circuit long enough—has them rigged for the night. Renee strikes a pose as they walk into the ballroom. "Be there waiting with a girlfriend who is equally fine, for when the players walk in." (Memo to wannabe Groupies: It's always the visiting team that's looking to get laid. The first sport to embrace hip-hop has essentially been hijacked by hip-hop.They have an inside track on a Jermaine Dupri party going on in the ballroom here tonight. You want a look that says, "I'm available, but I ain't cheap." Even if you are.A crowd of tricked-out sisters are cooling their heels in the long line out front, waiting to pay the 0 it costs just to get in the door (cheap by NBA-weekend-party standards, where some clubs will charge up to 0 per person to get into the VIP room and an additional 0—yes, 0—to valet park). what it's like when the lobby is filled with these…hooker-looking women." But to really have a chance at an encounter there, you can't arrive en masse.They're mostly blue-collar, often from the hood, and more likely to be swept up by the "culture of the NBA"—which is to say, hip-hop—than by the actual game or the players."They're notch-in-the-belt party girls," says Brenda, "who'd be happy with a fling with a bodyguard." She pauses. These are the women who are just classy enough to merit a second encounter with a player.There is also an enormous can of Lysol, because a girl can never be too prepared. (Except for Chermaine, who's a new addition to the group.) As usual, they're sharing a standard-size hotel room with two double beds (neither of which can be found at the moment, under the mountains of metallic debris), but they have a system down if one of them happens to score. If one of them should deign to bring a man ("or a nice thug," says Renee) back to the room, the others cool their heels in the hotel-lobby bar until she's finished. Danielle is in a size 18 gold-sequined tube top, tight-tight jeans, and a denim jacket, all trimmed in gold, with a gold bag and gold pumps.Renee, the bubbly, vivacious one, used to patrol housing projects in Queens but just got promoted. She's also the single mother of a 9-year-old girl. They work hard at it all year—the long nights in clubs, the occasional out-of-town field trip. Vellesha is in a supertight strapless denim outfit with faux-fur trim, from "the fat-girl store" Ashley Stewart.

They've brought all of their supplies with them, in bulging suitcases from New York—all of which seem to have exploded open in room 506.On All-Star weekend, guests of the Doubletree are asked to sign a "no-party policy" form ("If we learn that a party is in progress…we will reserve the right…to IMMEDIATELY evict the occupants").At the lobby bar, an enormous sign has been erected: welcome nba all-star fans.By working girls, we don't mean hookers, though these will infiltrate the Doubletree as well. She is a tall, thin woman of a decent age (48) who is all legs and poise and attitude.

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(It gets a little tricky, because the and the "working girls" tend to dress alike. We meet several weeks before All-Star weekend over a too precious breakfast at Philadelphia's Lacroix restaurant at the Rittenhouse Hotel to talk about blow jobs and basketball players.

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