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In the previous night's race, Clauson crashed into Morgan Frewaldt's car in a similar location to his accident on Saturday.Clauson's team reported he was sore after the impact, but he Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication.RIPfor me, the quiet ones who let their surfing do the talking, the ones that surf for themselves and not to seek the approval and adoration of others always stand tallest in the end...guess that's just the old school in me. The 1st was a Midget Farrelly G&S 9' Stringerless and the 2nd was a 8' Midget Farrelly G&S Stringerless(lime green). During a period when overt brashness fueled the majority of his Aussie peers, Midget quietly let his classic surfing speak for itself.

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The contact forced his car into a roll, landing on its side, where it was struck by Ryan Greth's car.

Entering the Belleville Nationals, he had won 27 feature races.

He was a three-time USAC National Midget and two-time USAC National Sprint Car champion with over 170 wins in USAC-sanctioned events, including a , where he finished 23rd.

Later he compared it to dance: “As a kid I did ballet with my sister, and ballet teachers know structure, and so I structured my surfing…

People might not have known what I was capable of because they didn’t sit there and watch me practice every day.” He drew on this structure to win the 1964 World Titles at Manly, the first event of its kind.

WOW -he changed surfing in South Africa and my life too. His reputation was enhanced here when he was invited to do a demonstration at the inaugural Durban 500 in 1969, and in 1970 won the event that has gone on to become the world’s longest running professional surfing event. I make my own boards and for the last fifteen years all my materials have come from Surfblanks, I've always been afforded really professional service and a smile -that speaks volumes about who the boss was.