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‘I remember being terrified of you because of the way you treated my mom.‘My mother was scared of you, she was depressed and you were abusive.I remember how she locked herself in the bathroom saying she would kill herself because you had destroyed her self-esteem.‘I thank God every day that she was not hurt,’ added Kiki, who also recalled Christmas Eve 2012 when he had hugged her and given her 0 and thanked her for looking after his children.But then I asked if they remembered the names of an of their victims and they all said no.We remember the criminals but not the victims.‘I hope that in 25 years when Michael Jones is eligible for parole, people remember Adrian Jones.‘The abuse and torture was only compounded by the fact that Mike and Heather had systematically documented it.’‘Nothing affected me more than when Mike told me that Heather would Tase Adrian for 15-20 seconds at a time,’ added Littlefield, who then stayed quiet for 20 seconds to let the court realize how long that time was.‘Imagine the screams of that little boy,’ the detective told the court.He then said he asked some colleagues if they knew the names Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.‘Of course all of them did.But you chose to murder your own flesh and blood.’Detective Stuart Littlefield also spoke of the emotional effect the case had on all the cops who had been involved.‘There is nothing that could have prepared us for this,’ he said.

She made contact with Judy Conway and gave her a DVD with everything she found on the computer, warning her of how graphic it was.

The first time Conway viewed it she threw up.'The first picture I saw, Heather was posing him for pictures front and back.

He looked like the most malnourished kid from a third-world country,' Conway told Daily

He pleaded guilty in March to first-degree murder in the 2015 death of his son. He was locked behind a plywood door in a shower, made to stand for hours in stagnant water up to his neck, shackled, bound, starved and beaten.

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His wife Heather, 31, has already received the same sentence and is serving time in a lock-up in Topeka. His stepmother called him 'the boy,' rather than use his given name.

While she and Adrian's father cared for their six girls, he was singled out for abuse of the worst kind. Instead of a proper burial, the seven-year-old was fed to pigs his father had bought specifically for the purpose of getting rid of his emaciated body.