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29-May-2020 18:06

Google Video Chat (s goog) accounts, for instance, are rumored to not work well with i Chat video.Mobile Me and AOL Instant Messenger (s aol) accounts work well, however.I’m using an Xbox 360 Camera (s msft) as my test, so that’s why I have a “Camera #2” showing.So long as you have a recent USB webcam (one that’s USB Video Class compliant and uses USB 2.0), it should be recognized under OS X 10.6.6 (the latest version).While I’m going to go over multiple programs (Skype, i Chat(s aapl), and Face Time), my preferred app is Skype because it’s available for most platforms, allowing you to talk to people on almost any kind of hardware.If you’re using the built-in microphone and i Sight camera, you can skip over this part.

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VOIP and video chat solutions are becoming much more common and user-friendly.

Face Time uses your default audio input and output devices.

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