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19-Jan-2020 20:03

Is your brand message coming accross in the right way?

If you're having a show later on in the day, is your "Instagram commercial" making them want to watch it later?

Honestly, I think those days are gone- I wouldn't rely on having luck. You cannot just log on, with a menu of things your willing to do for an amount of money.

That shit doesn't work and is incredibly boring to watch.

Treat your Instagram posts like commercials for your brand.

They are scrolling through their Instagram feed and they "see your advertisement". how would it make someone feel when they are going through their feed?

Sounds like normal advice, but I've watched many camgirls just sit there with a notice of what they will do for a certain amount of tokens. Make sure you are prepared and have a fun show ready!

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Your competition is not only the camgirls that are on the site you work on (who could be fully-nude the moment you log on), but also the thousands and thousands of free videos being uploaded EVERYDAY. The reason I say that is because I think viewers of live cam shows are looking to jerk off (I'm a genius, I know lol)...

Yes, I know your time is valuable and you don't want to "give everything away for free", but spending a few minutes responding to the right people publicly (if you want to charge for private messages) on instagram comments or twitter WILL do something.

No need to spend all day chatting, just a simple phrase or emoji can do wonders...

After creating a deeper connection with lots of viewers, they are more likely to tip you.

You'll see your tip goals being hit faster and faster.You meet some guy and the first words out of his mouth are "Damn, baby. Well, if you're not looking to hook up tonight, then you think, "What a dick", right?