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We're thrilled you're a Flower Child, too. That’s why we’re proud to support our friends at the IRONWOOD TREE EXPERIENCE, a non-profit that is all about nurturing the youth’s appreciation and understanding of Mother Earth’s wonders. At Flower Child, we believe that health and wellness start with being connected to Mother Nature. Like a Flower Child, the rad skateboarders of Girl is not a 4 Letter Word are free-spirited—independent and not constrained by convention. This month, a portion of our lemonade sales will benefit […]Flower Child loves supporting people who believe in our same values.“I know I’m not diminishing their cause, but there’s just no justification to disrespect our national anthem and the men and women who served in the armed forces.” WAITRESS ACCUSED OF STEALING 0 FROM ELDERLY CUSTOMER Smith also said that, if the tables were turned and he saw a post critical of his beliefs, he would “keep that to myself” rather than share his opinions on social media.Neither Smith nor Warren revealed an exact date for the reopening of Cup It Up.The owners of the Cup It Up restaurant in Tucson, Ariz., say they’re hoping to open “sometime soon” after closing their doors earlier this month following a "nasty" backlash over a pro-POTUS Facebook post.Chris Smith and Jay Warren claim they received so much backlash after they shared their pro-Trump opinions that employees chose to quit, leading them to “close [Cup It Up’s] doors indefinitely” on Oct. “We expected some shares, some discussion, but as it kept coming in, after about three hours of the pure nastiness, we decided to pull it,” co-owner Smith said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.” This was the viral FB post that Cup It Up American Grill posted & deleted after backlash. (prior tweet) NNj F— Jennifer Martinez (@Jennymartineztv) October 10, 2017 ARIZONA RESTAURANT CLOSES DOORS OVER THIS PRO-TRUMP FACEBOOK POST Now, however, Smith and Warren confirmed that they plan to reopen Cup It Up in the near future, and they’re clearing up why they chose to post their Facebook message in the first place.

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“Fast-forward to today, now I turn on the TV and the gentlemen are kneeling,” he added.

Thursday, FOX Sports Arizona, FOX Sports GOCoyotes at Senators a.m. Sunday, FOX Sports Arizona, FOX Sports GOOklahoma vs.

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