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God has designed the marriage relationship (in particular that of the virgin daughter marrying the virgin son) to be a relationship initiated by the parents, in particular the fathers, of the young couple.[emphasis mine] Also on his website, is the story of his son and daughter-in-law, Joshua and Laura, and their betrothal.

Ohlman and the father of a young girl (whom he had never met) decided their children should marry, so they arranged the entire “covenant” over long-distance.

A tale of high adventure, wily tricks and unlikely friendship, beloved comic artist Simone Lia has created a comedy classic that will have readers wriggling with laughter.

Update: The current advertised retreat had its venue cancelled today by the Salvation Army, owners of Camp Hiawatha in Wichita.

and then my dad put my hand in Joshua’s, thereby giving me away to the man I henceforth have had the privilege of calling my husband!

Barring family members, I had never held a man’s hand before.

Calvin and Gill, quoting the Jewish authorities in reference to the term Paul uses in I Cor , place the lower limit of this at twelve years old for girls.

Again, not that every, or even very many, girls reach this milestone at that age.

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the above points represent, not a certain exact age, but a level of physical and sexual maturity.

In his words: The betrothal covenant is the covenant that makes a man and a woman into a husband and wife.