Filemaker total record count not updating

18-Feb-2020 22:52

An example Task project built using L5Simple FM can be found here on github. Dumping the object is very helpful when debugging while developing, but dumping the object in production is a security risk.

A demo File Maker database, L5Simple, can be found here in the release section..

At first it might seem like you end up with more TOs. But some of these TOS are utility low record count Tables.

Those are pretty cheap, and you only need one instance of each one, since it is connected to everything through CONNECTOR.

You also have to get used to seeing all the TOs being in one long list in some of the relationship selectors where they would otherwise be broken up into related and unrelated groups.

This doesn’t bother me as it always showed up as one long list in scripts anyway.

In the video I cover a lot of what gets easier in detail. You will need to refresh the cross joins occasionally, much like you might have to refresh a window or an object sometimes.

There is a script called, “Refresh x Join” in the sample file that does the refresh for you.

Those field are used are used as keys in relationships to each of the main tables in your system.

I think that in a complex system you will have less TOs in the long run.

11/24/2014 – fixed some errors and added comments to the “Refresh x Join” script. Selector Connector.fmp12Please let us now what you think.

This is a critical script so it is worth checking out. The code here has been pulled out of customer code that we couldn’t share.

L5Simple FM is a tool wrapped around the Soliant Consulting's Simple FM package.

The basic idea creating an instance of the L5Simple FM class that is meant to only be used to access a specific entity (in File Maker's case, this would likely be a single table via a layout).

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