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© Georgian National Museum/AFP / by Kerry SHERIDAN | Pottery fragments from 8,000-year-old jars like this one -- which were unearthed near the Georgian capital, Tbilisi -- are the earliest evidence of wine-making in the Near East, bringing the tradition back almost 1,000 years earlier than thought, researchers say Scientific analysis of 8,000-year-old pottery jars unearthed in Georgia offers the world's earliest evidence of grape wine-making, dating the tradition almost 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, researchers said Monday.

Before, the oldest known chemical evidence of wine in the Near East dated to 5,400-5,000 BC (about 7,000 years ago) and was from the Zagros Mountains of Iran, said the report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal.

Researchers also found three associated organic acids -- malic, succinic and citric -- in the residue from the eight jars.

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They have been working for the past four years to re-analyze archeological sites that were found decades ago.

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The fragments of ceramic casks, some decorated with grape motifs, were found at two archeological sites called Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.Mc Govern, who co-authored the 1996 Nature study that placed the earliest evidence for grape wine in Iran, said the search for the truly oldest artifacts will continue."Other sites in the South Caucasus in Armenia and Azerbaijan might eventually produce even earlier evidence for viniculture than Georgia," Mc Govern said.