Eve corporation standings not updating

21-Jun-2020 18:13

I would like to echo suggestions made by others for some kind of organizational or hierarchy chart similar in design to the Fleet wing/squad tree so that I can organize my members by divisions I create (such as “Combat” and “Industry”) and by seniority so that newer members can see who they can approach for help and where their place is in the group.

I want to be able to have subdivisions too (such as “Combat” being split between PVE and PVP, or Industry being split between Mining and Production).

Endorsed by Nathan32Derby UK and written by Chepe Nolon First of all, I encourage you all to read this excellent, ingame friendly guide, that covers everything a new agent runner needs to know: from choosing what types of missions you want to do, you might do missions with a goal.

The other day CCP Punkturis asked the playerbase to describe its “biggest pain points in the corp interface”. Naturally, roles and titles are at the top of everyone’s list, including mine, and rightly so.

The number of Divisions for the hangar and for the wallet should be independent of one another.

If I rename these Divisions these names should be displayed everywhere, especially when setting roles.

This might be okay for some people but it would be nice to have a choice for the sort order, for example, alphabetically by title, or manually by a settable priority list.

The most recently-edited bulletin always pops to the top of the list.All you need is a valid Github account with an SSH key.To start a demo, simply click the dply button below, signing with your Github account and give the server a name.Se AT is a simple, EVE Online Corporation and API management tool, built using Laravel.

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Se AT allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations.My feeling is the Corporation window should only be about the corporation you are currently in, not where you might be hoping to go.