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God's answered our prayers — I love Evan.'Wells Adams pecked Evan on cheek and later called him 'one of my closest, dearest friends' adding: 'He just exudes so much love and positivity.This has been one of the biggest honors of my life to be included in this beautiful ceremony.''Carly and Evan are completely a testament to what Paradise can do,' Sara Herron said.You're my best friend, you're my weirdo, you're my lobster, you are my everything and I love you.'They then had a traditional Mexican ceremony with a shaman and his wife tying feathers, putting flowers around both their necks to unite them, and blowing a horn.'I honestly have no idea what the shaman did, but I thought it was awesome,' Juelia Kinney admitted, They finally swapped rings, with each saying as they did so: 'With this ring I give you my heart. May my heart be your shelter, may my arms be your home.'After tender kisses after being named man and wife, Evan later insisted: 'It was perfect, absolutely perfect.''Evan didn't cry once,' Carly said, adding after a pause: 'He cried 30 times.'Emily Ferguson, meanwhile, joked: 'Today Carly got her happy Evan after.'Earlier the show had recapped the pair's love stories on the shows, including when they first kissed, with Carly admitting it was merely out of curiosity for her.'That kiss was so terrible,' she insisted, while he maintained: 'I thought that first kiss was incredible and still maintain it was the best kiss of my life.It was amazing and beautiful in every way.'They were shown throughout their time on the beach set together, including the moment she tried to let him down gently by telling him: 'I want to be your friend — I'm not interested in romantically dating you.'He then laughed that the rejection led him to dramatic tactics — laughing as he recalled faking his own death and getting rushed to hospital to get her attention.'Evan faking his death was like the most ridiculous thing,' Carly recalled, before admitting with a smile: 'But what's so weird about it is it actually kind of worked.'The were shown preparing for the big day, with Carly looking at Jade and saying: 'I really do have a fifth bridesmaid — which is the little girl in Jade's belly.'Her mother Maryann Waddell then got tearful as she told her daughter: 'This is the day we both dreamed of our whole lives.admit that she's open to the idea of expanding her family with her new hubby."I am very content with having just one [child], but I am definitely open to the possibility of having more.

' Evan laughed, seemingly genuinely overwhelmed at the sight of his bride.'I think Evan watching Carly walking down the aisle was probably the happiest moment of his life, and you could see that in his face,' season two star Jared Haibon gushed.

The Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg guest stars 'loved every minute' of their getaway to Lake Austin where they enjoyed boating on the Colorado River. #austintexas.'Meanwhile, the Waco-born beauty's son Bronx, 8; spent the Fourth of July holiday with her first husband (and Fall Out Boy bassist) Pete Wentz - who has a son Saint, 2; with babymama Meagan Camper.'[Bronx] is the best big brother. He is so protective of [Jagger] and I think that will continue,' the younger sister of Jessica Simpson told Us Weekly back on December 13. 'I think being a mom kind of took the place of [music], definitely. 'The former reality star - who infamously lip-synced on SNL in 2004 - hasn't released a record since her third studio album Bittersweet World way back in 2008.