Eight simple rules dating my teenage daughter episode guide

21-Jun-2020 01:43

A sleazy photographer (George Wyner) takes nude pictures of an unsuspecting Jennifer while she's in a changing room, and her friends try to find a way to steal the photos before he sells them to a magazine.

(This one-hour episode aired in two parts for syndication.)Venus is tempted by a job offer from WREQ, but learns it's an automated station that only wants him as an affirmative action hire.

Everyone considers this a cause for celebration except Andy, who feels like a failure because the climb in ratings isn't greater. (Bert Parks), runs away from the Shady Rest nursing home and asks his son to lend him money so he can go to California on yet another scheme.

Trivia: Guest star Bert Parks worked extensively in radio in real life, during the 40's, 50's, and 60's.

NOTE: The show was placed on hiatus for two months after this episode aired. Carlson recount to Mama Carlson what has been happening at the station since it switched to a rock format. He returns to WKRP, where the new morning man (Philip Charles Mackenzie) seems like a nice guy but turns out to have a dirty secret.

This episode was designed to reintroduce audiences to the show after the two-month hiatus. When Andy gets injured by a breaking window, Johnny Fever becomes too emotional, and Les' disaster readiness plan turns out to have more to do with communists than natural disasters, Mr. Johnny is offered a better-paying job in Los Angeles, and his co-workers at WKRP try to manipulate him into staying in Cincinnati. Trivia: Sam Anderson makes the first of four appearances on the series in this episode as Mason Nobel, a DJ applying for a job.

Trivia: Des Barres and his real band, Detective, perform the Scum of the Earth music on the episode.

Meanwhile, Herb makes a bogus claim of another job offer, hoping for a raise, but it backfires.