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02-Dec-2019 22:54

The great stuff is really great and I think that this is why this book was such a hit and why it is so popular to this day. I think that since it is a short book David couldn’t really create an action plan that is customized to every guys situation, so there is some stuff in there that I just wouldn’t do because it’s not me… The thing with Double Your Dating is that not only is it a well written book with a lot of sound advice on attarcting women, but the things only costs .95!David came out with ideas like how to be “cocky and funny” and shares some really powerful concepts and paradigm shifts that can really change the way that you look at attraction and dating if his ideas resonate with you. Yup, it’s crazy cheap, plus you get a stack of bonuses.David is a smart, talented guy, and the way he writes makes you like him.It is interesting, entertaining, humorous and engaging… The stuff David teaches in the book is in my opinion 85% good information, 5% great information, and 10% stuff I don’t personally agree with.It is one of the first published books themed under being successful with women.

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He is impressive, composed and humorous as well as engaging.

The good information includes a lot of dating concepts that you may have read elsewhere because David’s stuff has been ripped off so many times by all of the other dating gurus.

However, if you haven’t read many PUA books then much of it will be new to you and it really is some ground breaking stuff, or I should say some ground breaking stuff when it was first released.

The best thing is that the author provides details on the best pick-up line to use and some of which a man should avoid.

Some pick-up lines may cause you to lose before you even begin.

The book provides with exact steps and particular directions that help men in being successful with dating women.