Dns not updating from dhcp server 2016 r2

17-Jun-2020 12:40

dns not updating from dhcp server 2016 r2-85

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First off, if you are struggling with this type of problem, you really need to check out Sean Daniel’s post from 2011.

Hopefully reading that post will give you an idea of what Microsoft is trying to achieve with this process.

Through DHCP, many of the tasks associated with IP addressing can be automated.

However, implementing DHCP also introduces some security issues because anyone with physical access to the network can plug in a laptop and obtain IP information about the internal network.

Probably the best title for a blog post ever right?

Having seen and read about a lot of people struggling with DNS resolution problems with their clients on Essentials (2011/2012) networks, and also some dubious advice being given out for how to ‘resolve’ these problems i thought i would try and get into some deep level explanation of how, and why Essentials does what it does.

When the service has configured a NIC in a computer it will be shown in the registry under, No other information is held on the NIC in this registry key, other than the Name.

dns not updating from dhcp server 2016 r2-85

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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can be implemented to centralize the administration of IP addresses.The TCP/IP protocol is an Active Directory operational requirement.This means that all computers on a Windows 2000 network require a unique IP address to communicate with the Active Directory.The server will periodically check it’s DNS forwarding configuration (as part of health monitoring every hour), and will alert you if there is a problem via the files to help diagnose problems with DNS.

The Windows Server LAN Configuration Service is responsible for detecting your Essentials Server and correctly configuring DNS based on whether or not the server is found.

Let’s also not forget that the deployment scenario of choice for Essentials, is for it to be purchased pre-installed on a piece of hardware, by a non technical office manager who then plugs it into their network with an Ethernet cable, the Essentials Server then does the rest.

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