Dirty one to one chat

28-Nov-2019 03:21

Although Southend is a beautiful and fun place, it could be even better if it was cleaner." Lucy, 12, London, England "I think that Blackpool beach needs a clean-up." Griff, 10, Preston, England "All the beaches near me are always dirty.They have dog poo and rubbish chucked all over the beach." Catherine, 12, Lincolnshire, England "I agree - the beaches are far too dirty, I went to the beach two days ago and I was walking around with no shoes and I stood on a bottle top." Gabby, 11, London, England "Beaches are wonderful.But in the UK, when I lived there, the beach that I went to was really clean!" Miyako, 11, Tokyo, Japan "All the beaches that I have gone to are always full of rubbish if children are playing around there.

In Southend, there is litter and glass on the sand, black bags in the sea and no-one dares go in - they don't know what they will find!According to Beachwatch 2008 there is one piece of rubbish for every single metre of British beaches. Are they covered in rubbish and mess, or are they lovely to lounge on?And are you heading to British beaches this year instead of a trip abroad, or are they just too cold and boring for your family?But when rubbish is everywhere , it spoils the fun of going to the beach. " Isi, 9, England "I live in Dorset and the picture above is where we go to the beach! There is always someone cleaning up rubbish." Ella, 12, Dorset, England "I don't think it's fair on the people who don't litter and it's extremely dangerous for the animals." Alexandria, 10, London, England "Beaches in Poole are lovely and clear, except for all the jagged rocks!

" Charlie, 12, Nottingham, England "I think that it is a good that people are volunteering to clean up all of the dirty beaches all over England." Luke, 9, Lancashire, England "That's not a problem here in Japan, because everyone takes home their rubbish.But if you go to some around Dover there are lovely beaches." Ben, 12, Kent, England "The beach near my home is so dirty and pebbly that it's horrible to even look at!