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Then it spins out of control and crushes you like a tick. "What's that word for when your heart is racing so fast, your breath can't keep up with it and your stomach spazzes out? She and Lina and Holly were sitting in a radio studio, about to be interviewed live. You'll be charming." "You don't know us very well," Mads said. " "I don't think there is a word for that," Holly said. They were waiting for Mary Dando, the host of the show, to give them their cue. Mary had heard about the girls' blog, the Dating Game, from her assistant, whose cousin went to their school. She logged onto the Dating Game and checked the inbox for new mail. So we put quizzes and questionnaires on the site, but we didn't get enough answers from boys. "Basically everybody we know will hear this interview," Lina said. Madison Markowitz, Holly Anderson, and Lina Ozu are tenth graders at the Rosewood School for Alternative Gifted Education in Carlton Bay, California, and they started a fascinating and very popular Web log on their school site called the Dating Game. Mads: We wanted to find out who was more sexcrazed, boys or girls. Mary: So the students fill out a questionnaire about their preferences and you match them with another student for a date? She called the school and set up an interview with the girls, and the next thing they knew, they were in the studio with giant padded headphones on their ears. You're on in five, four, three ..." "Please don't let us sound dopey," Mads prayed. Mary Dando: You started this site as a project for a sex education class, is that right? "Everybody at school will be listening," Mads said. And ourannouncement on the blog." "Everybody in town, too," Holly said. Mary Dando: We're back with American Living on the National Radio Network. Lina: It's actually called "Interpersonal Human Development." Mads: But that's just a euphemism for sex ed. But Mads, Lina, and Holly aren't giving up without a fight. Stine's Fear Street Series, The Blair Witch Files, and Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet Sixteen.

"It's just-I didn't realize-" "We're proud of you," Russell said. We think you should be free to express yourself any way you like. They said I was-" "'A twinkling little star in the making,'" Mads finished. Sex isn't on their minds-it's somewhere else on their bodies. " It helps you figure out if you're more of a hunter or a prey. Say you're still friends with your ex-boyfriend and you think he'd be great for some girl- Lina: Just not you- Mads: For whatever reason, like maybe you're a vegetarian and he's not, but you still think he's a good person, for a carnivore. Lina: I'm still surprised by how mean some people can be. Like that time at Sean's party- Holly: Mads, don't say it! Mads: And Lina-I mean, she seems so sweet, but she's done some of the craziest stuff- Lina: Mads, stop it! I won't name names, but one time she liked this guy so much, she hid in his bedroom closet [sound muffled because Lina has clapped her hand over Mads' mouth]- Mary: What about you, Holly? We'll have to have you back again to give us more insights into the sex lives of America's teens.