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12-May-2020 08:28

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On Wednesday, she posted a shot on Instagram showing her in a bathroom (ew! She didn’t say anything about it, except to provide a heart caption, indicating love.Jack Kelly posted the exact same photo on his own Instagram account at more or less the same time. That’s the question fans are asking after the 14-year-old Dance Moms star posted pictures on her social media account that appear to show her snuggling with the Australian teenager.As reports, Maddie is swinging through Australia right now, doing her dance tour, as well as promoting her new animated film, Ballerina.And as for where they met, again, you guess is as good as mine.

At least, that’s what she seems to be indicating on social media.By the end of the night, you will have met and gotten to know unique things about a whole roomful of new people.