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29-Mar-2020 03:53

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Keep in mind that in 1994, Zildjian started using a laser etched engraving with a serial number, so if you look at the engraving and see a serial #, you can definitively date the cymbal.I would think that the 2nd and 3rd picks do not have the serial #, but the 2nd one might have it.From the first cymbals in 1929 to the late 1970s Avedis Zildjian cymbals were available in many sizes and weights and odd shaped models like Swish, Pang and the Flanged Hi Hats, all made from the same "secret" material. First only on the bottom with the Zildjian name logo in open black script logo. In the late 1970s Zildjian started with their name in ink stamps.Or is it likely to be a 1994 cymbal - first with the etching and serial, but last of the old style model font (sans mini A) ? /...erial-numbers/) Now my cymbal has the IF prefix, so according to that list, it's 1996.Bri, are you certain the mini A and new style font, as per pic 1 on my first post, came in in 1994? /...erial-numbers/) Now my cymbal has the IF prefix, so according to that list, it's 1996.I sent a note to SABIAN customer service to say that I thought it would be neat if their website incorporated a SABIAN history section regarding logos, cymbal lines and that kind of thing due to my picking up this cymbal.They confirmed what PYRRHO told me - that it's an early Sabian AA Rock ride dating between 81-84.

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20" K pre-aged dry light ride and 17" K Custom Dark Crash I acquired these a few years ago and play them very rarely. The Zildjian site's FAQ's asks to snail mail them a request for info to their Customer Service Center. It's in the mail today, but I'm wondering how long it will take to get an answer. Zildjian used the open/ hollow logo from 1978-1981.