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Hypnose by Lancôme is sunny, woodsy, oriental fragrance with gourmand nuances.

The fragrance features passion flower which creates both gentle and passionate feminine aura; a magical product of orchid – vanilla – which semlls a warm and creamy on skin; a vetiver surrounded with white flowers and jasmine Sambac gives sensual and deep sensation. Hypnose was created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser.

I'm always afraid it could expire and the juice gets ruined but when I applied it on my sweater today I realised the perfume had become better .

The smell was stronger and it remained on clothes literally all day long with noticeable sillage.

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I love this fragrance so much that I have used it so little during these 3 years since I bought it for my birthday in November 2014 for fear of running out of it.

1/10 times when I smell it, I agree with it, like it and want to buy it, the other 9 times it gives me a "sick to the stomach" feeling. Smelled it first time in the hot summer, left it for winter, maybe I'll change my mind. i reached for it without thinking too much later several times. This was a gift from my husband, but he knew I loved it.

I think it's cold enough now, but still have the feeling of swallowing a mouthful of bubblegum and being stuck in my windpipe, turns my stomach. I loved it so much, I was afraid to use it very often.

After 5 to 6 hours later, there some powdery-woody-musky going out to join the party & make it smells more hypnotic. I think it's perfect for a date or intimate session. perfect for work/everyday, it's cold sugar flowery scent gets more enjoyable with each wear. The sugar gives way to passion flower in a cool and ultra feminie way.

My skin loves vanilla & i love this kind of creamy vanilla that doesn't hurt my nose & headache inducing. if you have doubts (as I did, almost gave it away, keep trying, it grows on you, so very feminie and delightful sweet in a fresh way, not syrpy-y at all. I'm glad I own this and would repurchase without a doubt.Longevity and silage are very good without being overwhelming. I sometimes get the banana thing with tuberose fragrances too but this doesn't list Tuberose and if it is in there somewhere it's a VERY small hint blended really well. It ends up being one of those fragrances that makes it seem like you just NATURALLY smell better than everyone else. The vanilla makes it cozy and enticing while the white flowers help to bring it into daytime terrority.