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century in the tomb of Emperor Alexander Severus near Rome and to have contained ashes but the circumstances of its discovery are unclear and in dispute.

The vase is first mentioned in a letter the French scholar and astronomer century, the vase was allegedly sold to a Scottish art dealer, James Byres.

The flat disk, 12.2 cm in diameter, on which the vase used to stand and which is now displayed next to it, seems to prove this point.

It is indeed thought to have been made at a later date and the Phrygian-capped head on the disc is generally supposed to be that of Paris or his father Priam [Figure 1].

In front of him, we can recognise Eros, holding a bow, the symbol of love, who seems to be guiding Peleus, and a torch, the symbol of nuptials in Ancient Greece.

The woman who extends her hand to Peleus as a sign of acceptance is thought to be Thetis, a Nereid who was the daughter of Nereus and Doris.

This may also explain why the greatest 18 century British ceramics manufacturer, Josiah Wedgwood, used the vase as the basis for technical experiments intended to determine and then recreate its substance and aspect.

If the two scenes were intended to be continuous, the faces under the handles form a further and gratuitous interruption.The Portland Vase has been displayed in the British Museum since 1810.Originally known as the Barberini Vase, it owes its current name to the family of the Dukes of Portland, who owned it from the late 18 and the interpretation of its decorations, has proved elusive and since its excavation this difficulty to grasp the historical reality of the vessel, its function and significance, may well account for the fascination it has exerted on scholars and the general public alike.Examining the first scene on the vase [Figure 3], Ashmole reads the figure on the left as Peleus, seen entering through a gateway, which may symbolize his entrance into the world of the gods, which is what Peleus did when he married Thetis.

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This is further emphasized by his walking on tip-toe, which may mark his hesitation at entering this unknown world.Her wedding to Peleus is generally considered as one of the events precipitating the Trojan War, as Eris, the goddess of discord, had not been invited to the wedding.