Dating tweny first century

18-Dec-2019 22:57

(A study of the reproductive experiences of fifty ladies, including information from their letters and journals.Good analysis of the trends of the time, along with great tidbits and stories of famous ladies including Lady Caroline Lamb, Lady Jersey, Princess Charlotte and Queen Victoria.

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The introductory material is interesting, as are the three texts: On the Conditions of Women, On Treatments for Women, and On Women’s Cosmetics, covering topics including menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth among others. A good general reference for the period covered.) Lewis, Judith Schneid, In the Family Way: Childbearing in the British Aristocracy, 1760-1860, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1986, ISBN: 0-8135-1116-X.A fascinating primary source.) Soranus of Ephesus, Gynecology, Translated with an introd.