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24-May-2020 21:35

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is this: “I understand that I have to compromise on some things to be in a relationship, but how do I know WHAT I should compromise on? Yesterday, I was instant messaging an old friend on Facebook.

” If you’ve ever asked yourself the same question, I understand. I wanted to “just know” that she was the “right” person for me. Tami’s a delightful person whom I’ve known since early childhood – attractive, athletic, intelligent, funny, successful, and the mother of two beautiful children. Her husband cheated on her multiple times – and Tami’s rightfully furious.

Kelly Rossi's Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer's Guide through Bad Relationship Choices, a fresh, entertaining, and comically written memoir filled with invaluable life and dating lessons.

Now happily-married, author Kelly Rossi uses her own inspirational story to walk you through 'Wrong Man' personality types that are all-too-familiar in the current dating environment complete with the bulleted signs that you might be in the same situation and advice to get through it.

Most of all, she’s questioning her own judgment, which is the hardest thing to do when you pride yourself on being intelligent and rational. And I’m betting that you’re a lot better off without that guy than you are with him. So if Tami wants to know where she went wrong in choosing her husband… So the next time you’re dating a guy, don’t get too sucked in by his charm or his wit or his looks or his money…

From what little I learned about Tami and her husband, it seemed clear that she willfully ignored his selfish, narcissistic tendencies because of what came with the rest of the package – cute, smart, successful, etc. Which brings me to the crux of today’s post: how do you KNOW if someone is a good guy or a bad guy? …or if you’ve struggled for years to figure out why you choose the wrong men… You’ve been investing in the least important qualities. Instead, learn to appreciate the guy who does what he says, who says what he means, who makes it clear that you’re a priority to him.

Unlike most books in the dating space, this book is refreshing, free from belittling, and empowering to those who read it.

This is a true guide to love and romance for women working to find their prince in a pond of frogs.

We are often unconsciously drawn to the same dysfunction over and over because it strikes a familiar chord, reminiscent of the wounds we experienced in childhood.

How do I maintain personal purity in a world where dating tends to be a no boundaries zone? All Yani wanted was a remodeled kitchen and bathroom for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

But from the moment she spotted Drew, there was nothing ordinary about him.

Readers will laugh and cry as they venture through Rossi's relatable adventures as she takes you through every outrageous relationship - from the 'freeloader' to 'player'.

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For the women who constantly find themselves in the cycle of always dating and trying to find Mr.We tend to become good at weaving an internal narrative that says, “I have to lock a partner down fast, or else . .”In fact, research has shown that many women are willing to stay in unhappy and unfulfilling relationships because they're intimidated by the prospect of being alone.