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As I put it delicately on Matter, “The truth is, sluts like me are everywhere on Tinder but we aren’t impressed by men who are positively by the prospect of having to put effort into getting laid, nor do we like it when they mock the boundaries of our girlfriends who want to use Tinder only for traditional dating.” And so women keep swiping too.If you’re going to write a story dismissive of young people and their social and romantic habits, you might as well do something silly like call it “Till Death Do Us Party.” Calling this shift a “dating apocalypse” dismisses the very real dates we are going on.Tinder’s Twitter account erupted in the wake of the article, suggesting that the abundance of choice was one of Tinder’s many benefits.The tweet storm was bellicose in its grandstanding about Tinder and turned out to be a public relations stunt, but data suggests that the use of such apps is hardly the scourge to romance that many accuse it of being.Slutty, slutty, slutty, sex sells, sex sells.""Obviously when we were touring, we didn't wear much, because it was so hot," she added of her former English-Irish pop girl group. They just do slut drops now, they're wearing little panties and stuff." in 2012.Listen to Harding's full comments in the video from U.Millennials have different social mores and expectations, and they’re also climbing out of a Hades-deep pit of student debt.Those that bemoan the decline of marriage are quick to cite studies like this analysis from the National Center for Family & Marriage Research that found co-habitating couples are often more disillusioned than couples that marry before ever living together.

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Pew Research also found that 66 percent of adults under 30 said they wanted to get married at some time in the future. Only 36 percent of people in the same age group believe it is “very important” for people to marry if they plan to be partnered for life.As I noted here earlier this week, a 2013 survey by Citibank and Linked In found that 79 percent of men considered “a strong, loving marriage” a requirement for “having it all” while only 66 percent of women had marriage as a requirement.