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23-Jun-2020 09:52

Insect galls are the highly distinctive plant structures formed by some herbivorous insects as their own microhabitats.

They are plant tissue which is controlled by the insect.

After the galls are formed, the larvae develop inside until fully grown, when they leave.

In order to form galls, the insects must take advantage of the time when plant cell division occurs quickly: the growing season, usually spring in temperate climates, but which is extended in the tropics.

Cut only tiny slits in the plastic when planting — thus ensuring moisture loss through evaporation is kept to the minimum.

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Insect galls are usually induced by chemicals injected by the larvae or the adults of the insects into the plants, and possibly mechanical damage.In irritable mode (having fallen into my pond and crushed, among other things, the bog primulas (more on my initial reaction was: “In grow bags, surely.

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