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This gently sloping reef offers a relaxed dive and an opportunity to observe frequent cleaning stations staffed by cleaner wrasse, Neon gobies and Pederson cleaner shrimp.It is also a good site for Spotted Moray eels and a riot of smaller reef fish including Blue Chromis, Squirrel fish, Parrot fish and a range of Butterfly fish.From its start point in the shallows, the dive follows a gently sloping sandy channel down to an open sandy patch bordered by a reef of plate coral.From here the dive heads westwards following the reef and crossing a series of sandy valleys.Hawksbill turtles and Spotted Eagle rays may also be regularly seen.Though shallow in depth, this reef is located on the Atlantic side of Grenada just south of Glovers Island and as such can be subject to strong currents and considerable surface swell.This extensive reef is typically explored as a good-paced drift dive.Rather deeper and situated a little further offshore, is a good dive for pelagic species including huge schools of hunting Horse Eye jacks and Great Barracuda.

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The topography affords a degree of shelter for the many lobster and Nurse shark usually seen here.At its lower reaches the reef has a moonscape appearance.