Dating singer sewing table

12-May-2020 12:34

If you are trying to identify a year and model for your treadle or handcrank singer sewing machine, let me tell you how I identified my girl.

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Here are some other identifying methods: If you have part of the number you can check the year of your machine on the singer website, just follow directions depending on whether your machine has a 2, 1 or 0 letter prefix.I've been getting an email a week, often just containing photos and a curt "what machine have I got?" message - I could start charging for the service I guess, but since I have shared all my resources already that seems a bit cheeky.Over the following decades, Singer continued developing his improved sewing machine to include the following features: By 1863, the Singer Manufacturing Company held 22 patents and sold 20,000 sewing machines yearly.

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Within eight years, the yearly sales reached 180,000 sewing machines, which included their New Family machines released for sale in 1865.By this time, the company also was producing commercial zigzag sewing machines.