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When the composite block was hammered or rolled to make it thinner, the two metals were reduced in thickness at similar rates.Using this method, Boulsover was able to make sheets of metal which had a thin layer of silver on the top surface and a thick layer of copper underneath.Sheffield plate continued to be used for up to a further 100 years for silver-plated articles subject to heavy wear, most commonly uniform buttons and tankards.During the 1840–50 period hybrid articles such as sugar bowls were produced, with the body being Old Sheffield and complicated small parts such as the feet and handles made from electroplate. Much Old Sheffield seen today has been re-plated, especially items which received much use and polishing, such as candlesticks.Because of its nearly silver color, German silver also revealed less wear, or "bleeding", when Sheffield-made articles were subject to daily use and polishing.Being much harder than copper, it was used from the mid-1830s but only for articles such as trays or cylindrical items that did not require complex shaping.

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In addition to the Lion Passant there are other marks which give more information about the sterling silver object.Close plate consists of silver foil soldered onto a steel base and was used for items such as candle snuffers or cutlery requiring greater strength than fused plate.