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05-May-2020 20:01

VMware has a disk utility that allows you to mount vmdk's on windows without having VMware Workstation or Server installed.I try to mount a vmdk using the vmware-mount command, and I get an error saying that it cannot mount a read-only disk. I have a kubuntu vm and I installed VMware Server so I can have a bunch of the vmware commands available.To mount the vmdk within linux I can't take any credit.

Also, before you begin, you need to have the linux NTFS driver so do a 'sudo apt-get install ntfs-config'1) create a directory anywhere - mkdir /home/administrator/Desktop/mountpoint2) Mount the to the mount point - sudo mount /home/administrator/Desktop/NFSexport/MONT01A/MONT01A_1/home/administrator/Desktop/mountpoint -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0,offset=32256 -t ntfs3) the drive is now mounted to the folder mountpoint4) you can use the use the cp command to copy files to another network location, or you can now email a particular file to a user using KMail.

But that is not a feasible solution because some of VMs may have 300gb vmdks.

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