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05-Apr-2020 02:20

Hungarian lawmakers have increased penalties for border violators as part of a package of laws passed Friday.

Under the new laws, trespassing in border zones will become a criminal act, smuggling people will be punishable by 20 years in prison and registration centers will be erected at points along the border.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is expected next week to propose a revised goal of relocating 120,000 people from Hungary, Greece and Italy.

jar/se (dpa, AP, Reuters) More than 1,000 refugees stranded at Budapest's train station have begun walking towards Austria as hundreds also escaped a camp near Serbia.

We should avoid making such blanket generalizations, however, writes Keno Verseck.

On December 7, 2016, the OGP Steering Committee received a letter from the Government of Hungary announcing its immediate withdrawal from the partnership.

One group formed a line nearly a half-mile long (800 meters) as they streamed out of Budapest, the other broke out of a train near a migrant reception center after overwhelming riot police.Already at least one life has been lost in connection with the confrontations with Hungarian security forces.A Pakistani man died Friday after collapsing on railway tracks after a group of more than 300 migrants broke out of a train station near Bicske, where police had been holding about 800 migrants.Hungary and EU leaders have traded strong words over handling the crisis.

() Tensions between European countries are rising as the continent grapples with an unprecedented refugee crisis.

The issue tops the agenda on Friday with Germany pushing for the controversial concept of quotas again.