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12-May-2020 02:03

Sure, some are food-related, but if you’re lucky you could get a free tour of a local brewery which is entertaining and then some free drinks tossed in!It’s an amazing way to try new things while saving money, and if your date is saying no to two-for-one appetizers? Nothing warms a heart more than volunteering for a great cause!Student discounts are something you’ll truly miss when you’re graduated, and you should look into some of the great deals that make solid date nights.

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But the smaller city festivals will work better with spending goals, and there’s no shortage in the summer.

Now this will take preparation and some ambiance mood setting, but it will definitely be cheaper than a dinner for two at the finest steakhouse in town.

To add a twist, try doing themed nights with movies and preparing food based on it for example, (watching Nacho Libre and having nachos).

Paying for a whole date with a coupon might seem cheap to some, but I’m all for it if it’s a sweet deal.

A lot of businesses will use free or a percent off, or even a two-for-one as a way to drum up excitement for events, new menus, and product launches.

If you and your current bae have a soft spot for helping others, why not make a day out of it?