Dating mathematics

11-Apr-2020 11:09

Your perfect man is basically at the top of the list of people you have been out with, these men come to you in a random order so we cant tell if the next one is going to be better or worse than the last one.The only practical stipulation to this problem is that you have a limited number of men!!!But surely London being full of eligible bachelors it should be much easier?Just how many men do you have to date in order to find ‘the one’ ?Research Interests: Seismic design and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, Earthquake risk mitigation in developing countries, Development and applications of base isolation and seismic damper devices.

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Research Interests: Protein Aggregation Pathways and Their Role in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Peptides as Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease, Solid Phase Synethesis of Aggregation Prone Difficult Peptides, Novel Antimicrobial Peptidomimetic Scaffolds.Research Interests: Social structures, Social segregation, Subaltern studies, Fieldwork methodology, Portuguese colonialism and postcolonialism in India, Globalisation and Diaspora, Anthropology and Cinema.